Earn the Champions Pass to help advance momentum in your business! Emerald and above Leaders of Team Evolve want to come to your city to help you with a workshop and a training for your team!  Earn a Pass and choose your Champion!



  • 3 Frontline team members reach Advisor.
  • 2. One of the below happens within your 1st 3 levels.2
    - 2 New $400 NDB earners
    - 1 New Advisor Bonus earner
    - 1 New pin earner
  • WHEN

    You can earn up to 4 passes. Here are the qualification time periods:

    Quarter 1 : January - March

    Quarter 2 : April - June

    Quarter 3 : July - September

    Quarter 4 : October - December


    When you earn a Champions Pass you must use it in the next quarter.  Options for using your pass are:

    #1 Bring Me a Champion option:

    Choose a Team Evolve Emerald or above Leader in your direct lineage to fly to your city for a workshop and a training.  This exclusive time is designed to help you establish connection, community and unity within your local team so that you can continue to build and sustain momentum!  The Leader chosen will coordinate with you for the best time to come and they will pay the airfare to come to you.  You will be responsible for picking up your Champion at the airport and hosting them with room and board.

    #2 Shadow a Champion option:

    Choose a Team Evolve Emerald or above leader in your direct lineage to fly YOU to them for the opportunity to witness a weekly workshop, shadow them for a day and attend a Saturday team training.

    This option will be offered the 1st weekend of each month.  We will:

    - Fly you in Thursday for a workshop. *1 airline ticket per distributorship or $500 airline cap

    - Stay at casa de Champion Thursday and Friday nights

    - Shadow Friday a day in the life of fulltime AdvoCare.  Learn our DMO!

    - Out on the town for a great dinner Friday evening

    - Attend a local Saturday Training then fly home Saturday afternoon.

    #3 Treat and Train my Team option:

    If you are local to the Champion you choose then there is an option 3.  Choose a Team Evolve Emerald or above leader in your direct lineage to co-host a special luncheon, dinner or social gathering with you for your Advisors.  Your Champion chosen will coordinate with you for an agreeable budget and you will use this time to build relationships, learn and strategize for your team exclusively.